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What are the effective strategies for Facebook advertising?

January 21 2022

We all know about Facebook advertising. A successful Facebook AD can drive more targeted traffic and conversion. So what are some effective Facebook advertising strategies?advertising strategies

Upload your client’s email to Facebook

Facebook will automatically match user information based on the email address you upload, and you can get a high conversion rate if you use it effectively.

Facebook User Positioning

When targeting users, you can not only select users who are competitors, but also select fans who are similar to you.target users

Re-market users who have logged on to the site

You can install a Pixel on the page of a website so that you can locate the information of users who have logged in to the site. If you install Pixel on the registration page, you can grab the information of users who have not logged in before, which makes it easy for you to re-market.

Use old resources

If you’ve run a fan base before, and you can tailor your marketing to those fans, you’ll have a better effect than an unknown fan base.

Later on, you can build a database of targeted users, which will give Facebook an idea of who you want to target.

In this way, accurate data can be obtained when advertising in a later period.obtain accurate data

What do you need to know about Facebook ads

1)Advertising pictures

Facebook has a certain requirement for advertising use images, if the advertising pictures do not conform to the requirements may not be able to appear in the process of the approved or put on the interrupt, then you can use the corresponding testing tools, have a look at the picture is in line with the standard platform, also need to pay attention to the text content is not more than 20% of the images.


Think of it as a question, asking questions first and then answering them.


The budget can be allocated to different advertising groups and adjusted accordingly through later advertising data analysis.

4)How to judge whether the advertisement should be changed?

You can first set a daily budget for advertising, if the effect of the advertising content can run normally, as long as the effect does not decline, then you have succeeded.

If the budget is exceeded, you can try to adjust or replace the advertising content one by one, and then look at the later data, so that it is convenient to find out where the specific problems are and make corresponding adjustments.

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