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Why don’t you get a lot of TikTok views?

March 11 2022

Obviously posting the same type of video, why do other people become popular videos, while yours is hardly watched? Do you have no clue?

Actually, according to the popularity of TikTok, it shouldn’t be a particularly difficult thing to get views. But the reality is that there are indeed many people who can’t get the results they want. So why exactly?

The reason for the lack of views could be that you didn’t make a good video, or it could be that there is a problem with your account.TikTok

How does the quality of a TikTok video affect the number of views?

Anyone with life experience knows that an item is of good quality, but it doesn’t necessarily sell popularly, while an item that sells popularly for a long time must be an item of excellent quality. No one wants to support an inferior product for a long time.

Making and publishing a video is like making a product. If the video itself is not of good quality, it will not necessarily pass the TikTok review in the first place. Even if it passes the review, it won’t be liked by many people. Over time, TikTok will find this problem and then gradually marginalize this video of yours. It will then not be seen by many people.

If the quality of your video has been so low that TikTok starts to ignore it, then the result of this is not just fewer views of this video, but all the videos you send from this account in the future will be implicated.it won't be liked by many people

What content will affect the number of views?

  1. secondary creation or repeated release of the video
  2. background music infringement of the video. (If the video’s music is infringing, it will be hidden)
  3. Videos that involve excessive marketing in the content, or attract traffic from outside the site. (Excessive marketing and traffic attraction videos will be judged as “spam” by the platform to restrict, and in the long run, will also have an impact on the account itself)
  4. Videos with unpleasant images. (This kind of video will generally be restricted traffic or directly deleted)

What actions will reduce the quality of the TikTok account?

Improper IP address management

Environmental anomalies can affect the credibility of your account.

Using dynamic IP addresses, always operating TikTok in a very unstable network state, or IPs that are detected to be used by multiple people at the same time. These three phenomena may lead to a decrease in the quality of your TikTok account. It is important to know that an account without credibility will not get a chance to grow.

Excessive bulk operation

Never follow a lot of interesting people in the heat of the moment, or add a lot of friends in a short period of time to expand your reach!

If your actions are so perverse that the TikTok system decides that they are not real people, the results can be very serious. No platform will welcome this kind of behavior.

Upload too many videos per day

This point is somewhat similar to the one above. If you are a normal user, the number of videos uploaded per day should be a reasonable number, even some users who are looking for quality can’t post a few videos a week.

Some users prepare a lot of quality short videos long before they come to TikTok, and then submit them all in a few days in order to catch the bonus period. This results in being judged by the system as a marketing account or a spam account with very low quality.post video

Buy views and likes

The TikTok platform is strict in monitoring data, and once it detects that an account is trading data, then it will make a penalty.

Eager to make profits

There are many users who are eager to post videos right after registering their accounts, fearing that they will miss the best opportunity to attract followers. However, because the information of the newly registered account is not perfect enough, it is easy to violate the rules of the platform.

How to operate TikTok in the right way?

Use a safe and stable operating environment

If your network is always fluctuating, then consider purchasing a stable IP address. And you need to create a safe and independent operating environment for the TikTok account. This way you can effectively avoid account problems due to the network environment.

If you need to run TikTok together as a team, in order to prevent triggering the platform’s penalty mechanism, you can use a virtual multi-profile browser that supports team collaboration features to operate. ClonBrowser has these powerful features!ClonBrowser

Gain trust in the platform

Carefully set up basic information such as avatar and profile. You can also improve the authenticity of your account by binding ins, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

Watch a few more TikTok videos and interact with others in TikTok more often during the day. Interaction is the best way to gain trust. In addition to sharing your own videos, you can also share other people’s videos.

Upload videos regularly

I suggest you choose a regular time to post your videos. The posting time is usually chosen at noon of local time or at night before going to bed.

Also, don’t post videos too often even if the account has a fan base.

If the number of followers of the account is within 1000 at the beginning, you can post four to five videos a day. When you have more followers, it is recommended to post at most two or three videos per day. What is more important to the account and the fans is the quality of the videos, not the number of videos.

Follow TikTok’s rules and make quality videos

  • Read the TikTok Community Guidelines carefully and never break them.
  • Stop posting content of an advertising nature, or edit out the advertising part.
  • Remove or silence the original music from the clip and use music from the TikTok music library instead.
  • Use various means to edit the material. (add filters, modify parameters, accelerate, zoom, flip, rewind, change background music, insert countdowns, etc.)
  • Try not to delete videos with bad data, because frequent deletion of videos will be considered as abnormal operations by the platform. You can choose to set that video as private and forbid others to watch it.
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