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Website Traffic | Platforms to attract traffic!

February 18 2022

Facebook advertising has gradually saturated, so what other platforms can be used to attract traffic? 


Bing is owned by Microsoft, so it can effectively reach in search, email, and search position, and the average level of users will be relatively high.bing

What are the advantages of Bing?

Bing combines search ads with native ads, and customers achieve optimal advertising results in the decision-making process. Bing’s ad bidding is also divided into manual and automatic, and bidding targets and audience groups are set through clicks, conversions, and combined bidding. You can also choose remarketing, customization, proximity audience, dynamic remarketing, etc.


Yahoo mainly focuses on native advertising, because Yahoo’s exclusive data holds the full picture of consumers, as a way to create awareness of overseas markets.

Yahoo advertising form is mainly divided into short film advertising mode, downloadable applications, dynamic product advertising, and so on.

If you want to use Yahoo for advertising, you need to pay attention to the peak traffic period. For example, many users like to watch the news in the morning, and the volatility of news traffic is based on when key events occur. Information is constantly updated throughout the day on the home page and in emails, while in the evening there is a large increase in traffic for entertainment, sports, and consumer.


Outbrain is a first-class news media native advertising platform, which distinguishes itself from search-based traffic platforms and social-based traffic platforms of the consulting category.

Outbrain recommends information to users at the right time and in the right scenario. Its advantage is that they have high-quality publishers that are not only efficient but also large in scale.

When targeting audience demographics, you can also choose similar audiences, custom audiences, and get the opportunity to observe audiences through direct cooperation with major media.


Taboola is the world’s largest discovery platform. They have the world’s top media resources, which allows users to expand their customers through an open media platform.


Snapchat is now a dark horse of overseas media platforms, with daily active users already comparable to major platforms like Facebook, and Snapchat also offers a more streamlined experience.

What are the advantages of Snapchat’s platform?cheap

  1. The cost of advertising is relatively cheap.
  2. Interest targeting is very accurate and supports behavioral targeting.
  3. The targeting of audiences in Snapchat is also very powerful. Advertisers can customize an audience by uploading an email or phone number.
  4. In terms of ad creativity, Snapchat makes the ad material look like a friend showing something.
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