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What are the advantages of Tik Tok advertising?

February 18 2022

As the cross-border e-commerce crowd is getting bigger and bigger, the strategy of only choosing to place Facebook ads already needs to be adjusted. So what are the advantages of Tik Tok ads?Tik Tok

Advantages of Tik Tok ads

Tik Tok is the fastest growing social platform overseas, and it covers 155 countries, with an average of one in three people using this app every day.

According to the trend of short video and live streaming, Tik Tok’s traffic is unstoppable. And the participation of teenagers on Tik Tok is also very high at present, so Tik Tok is still in the bonus period.

Is it too late to start using Tik Tok? As long as you operate it carefully you can still see the results.

  • Tik Tok is more friendly for sellers

On Tik Tok, whether you are a novice or a veteran with rich experience, you can easily promote Tik Tok. Users who don’t know how to edit videos and don’t want to keep an account for a long time just to realize cash can use Tik Tok ads.

Because the Tik Tok platform not only has a system that can automatically generate content but also can help you edit video material, as long as you have product images or product use clips can be used for advertising and marketing.Tik Tok is more friendly for sellers

  • Tik Tok’s traffic is relatively cheap

Because Tik Tok is now in a pre-growth stage, it is easy to make achievements and attract strong audience traffic.

But it should be noted that the Tik Tok material cycle is relatively short when you find this video is very promising, to optimize the material in time.

What issues need to be noted when using Tik Tok ads?

  • Determine the audience for Tik Tok ads

Some people feel that the age of Tik Tok’s audience is small, but according to the data, Tik Tok’s audience range has now extended to 55 years old.Tik Tok's audience range

  • Choose the right category according to the country

When placing Tik Tok ads, you need to understand the destination country and region and choose products according to the cultural habits of that country.

At present, the categories that are more suitable for placement on Tik Tok are electronic products, creative furniture, creative accessories, beauty category, automotive products, pet products, and so on.

  • Selection of materials

When placing Tik Tok ads, the material is often more important than the product. The material highlights the advantages of the product but also can be combined with the characteristics of the festival to create materials.

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