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What to do if Facebook ad Account is Disabled?

February 18 2022

The status of the ad account is normal, but the ad spend is limited to the amount? Facebook is getting stricter and stricter about the account and placement quality during the peak sales season. If there is a problem of account blocking, it will directly affect the advertiser’s traffic realization. So it will be more and more difficult to start the volume through Facebook as a media platform.

Then how to break the deadlock?limit

Create a high-quality station

When you choose a good platform to operate, for the platform to deep plow, make a boutique station.

Through the continuous optimization of advertising to obtain higher traffic, through the refinement of management to obtain fans and repurchase, in order to reduce costs and form a strong traffic group.

When making a boutique site, you need to pay attention to the sedimentation of users and quality word of mouth, by maintaining the relationship between the site, products, and sellers to achieve the desired results.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of building a boutique site?

Pros: You can achieve brand accumulation and high stability so that you can have your own competitiveness.

Disadvantages: requires long-term product operations, resource operations, activity operations, website refinement operations, which will lead to high initial operating costs.

Analyze and choose the platform of starting volume

Nowadays, more and more users choose to do cross-border e-commerce, the Facebook platform has tended to be saturated, so the platform will be more and more strict for the account and website audit.

So you can choose more than one media platform when advertising, so that you can spread the risk, and make multiple preparations that can also prevent a certain platform from being closed and unable to run.choose more than one media platform

In addition to Facebook advertising, the most worthy of consideration media platform is Google advertising.

Google is now the world’s largest search engine, covering a number of countries and multiple languages, each month’s search volume has exceeded one hundred billion.

What’s different about Google Ads?

  • The advertising effect is good

Because Google is a search engine, users need to search for their own needs of information, so the customer’s initiative is higher, it is also easier to obtain conversion.

  • Ad setting is very simple

Google does not need to carry out material testing and audience group testing, as long as you set up the keywords you want to put. Because Google is helping you to advertise through keywords.

  • The advertising account is more stable

Google does not need to make frequent ad adjustments, because Google’s learning period is relatively long, as long as the learning period is completed, the advertising effect will be very stable. And when Google ads are adjusted, you only need to change the positioning of keywords.google

What are the forms of Google advertising?

  1. Search ads: These ads consist of the title text, URL display, and ad description, and the most important thing for search ads is keyword setting.
  2. Shopping ads: these ads need to be set up before placing the GMC before advertising. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the continuous optimization of product titles, prices, categories, detail pages, etc.
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