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What details can lead to no views on TikTok?

March 24 2022

No matter what you want to do on the TikTok platform, the first thing you need to do when running TikTok is to make the work you post become popular so that you can increase the number of fans. But many people inadvertently take actions that affect TikTok views, causing them to not get the desired results no matter how hard they try.TikTok

What behaviors can cause TikTok videos to have no views?

A high volume of mutual fans and likes

It’s normal for everyone to give friendly likes to their friends. It’s okay to have even a small amount of mutual fans and likes. TikTok system considers a small number of mutual likes to be normal. But if there is a large number of mutual fans and likes in a short period of time, it will affect the credibility and quality of the account.

First of all, if there are too many mutual fans and likes, it will make it harder for the account to reach popular areas and content, which will lead to the account not being operated as a popular account. This is mainly because TikTok is unable to position the image of your account. Even though your viewership and followership may seem high, your account is not featured in TikTok’s eyes.

Post videos that are too long

Even though TikTok has now extended the maximum length of videos to 10 minutes, it is the wrongest choice for a newbie to embark on a long video without mature creation and planning skills. This is because an important indicator of whether a TikTok video will be popular is the complete view rate of the video.

How many users have watched your video in its entirety?

If your video has 10,000 views and 1,000 of them have watched your work in its entirety, then the complete view rate is 10%. If the complete view rate reaches at least 30% to qualify for the next round of recommendations, then you don’t have a chance to get more exposure, even though your current view rate is still good.make the video shorter

In the case of complete view rate is so important, you still sent a 60 seconds long video, and the content is very boring, how many people will be able to finish watching it? So it is recommended that you adjust the length of your video to 8 to 15 seconds. If you don’t have good creative and shooting editing skills, then make the video shorter and make sure the video can be watched in its entirety first.

Post videos with marketing ads

If your TikTok account is relatively new, then inserting some advertising components in the video will be judged by TikTok as a marketing account. Then the TikTok system will limit your viewings.

In fact, in addition to the above three behaviors, there is another situation that will affect your TikTok viewership, that is, the content of the video you posted is in violation, or the quality is too poor.

Which videos have no views?

Video with watermark

Some users will add unique logos or marks to their photos and videos in order to achieve promotional purposes. In fact, this can seriously affect your viewership of this video, as it carries an obvious advertising nature, and TikTok will not recommend it.

Illegal or illegal content

If the content of your video is unhealthy, the system of the TikTok platform will definitely take restrictive measures. So the content of your videos must be positive, spread more scientific knowledge, and share the good life.

The content is single and uninteresting

If you often send some boring, single content, then after a few times, TikTok will reduce the weight of your account, then your account will gradually become the so-called zombie number.

Blurred video screen

This is a point that many people will ignore! Occasional blurred video is a normal phenomenon, but if you upload every video is blurred will lead to account downgrading.

You don’t have to buy an expensive camera just to take TikTok videos. You can actually take a clearer picture with your phone. If the picture is blurred too much because of shaking, then you can buy a holder to hold your phone.buy a holder to hold your phone

Repeating the video

Repeating the same video won’t make your video popular, but on the contrary, it will cause your account to be downgraded because TikTok is very much about originality.

If you think your first video should have gotten good results, but it didn’t, and you want to re-post it, you can re-edit it and optimize the title copy again and change the cover. Actively lead viewers to interact in the comments section after the placement.

In short, don’t upload this video again as it is.

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