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What do you need to know before running TikTok?

March 29 2022

In the fourth quarter of 2021, TikTok was the number one download in the U.S., far surpassing even YouTube. this means that TikTok is indeed being recognized by many people. So it has rightfully become an important platform for getting traffic. But do you really know how to run TikTok? Do you know your account? How to create good TikTok videos?

In this article, you will learn about:

  • What is the impact of TikTok accounts on traffic?
  • Can I upload videos from other platforms to TikTok?
  • How to create quality original videos?tiktok was the number one download in the US

What is the impact of TikTok accounts on traffic?

Types of Tiktok accounts

  • Personal account

This is the initial account. This type of private account is not recommended to be used for marketing purposes because you have no way to choose a category, you can’t fill in your email and website, and there is no creator fund.

If you have more than 1000 followers, then there is a function to add links on the home page of the personal number.

  • Creator account

On the basis of the personal number, creators can choose categories. This helps to tag your TikTok account and give it a personality in the eyes of TikTok. The creator account has video and account analytics, as well as a direct link to the homepage and a creator marketplace (the creator marketplace should have a base of 100,000 followers).

  • Business account

There is no requirement for a business account to have followers, and you can use the home page direct link even if you don’t have followers. Also, you can choose categories to tag the account. However, only the video analysis function is available in the analytics tool.

The effect of TikTok account tags on traffic

Why do I keep emphasizing tagging accounts? Because TikTok account tagging allows the TikTok platform to know what content your account mainly operates, it will make accurate traffic targeting for your account, and then TikTok will recommend your videos to people who like them.

For example, if you run a pet store and post-pet-related content in your TikTok account, then over time your account will have the tag “pet”. TikTok will recommend your videos to users who also like pets after they become familiar with you through the tag.tag

The effect of TikTok account information on traffic

Before posting your work, improve your TikTok account information, because you can’t predict which video will become popular. So in order not to waste any traffic and for users to get to know you faster, you need to perfect your account information in advance. When users enter your homepage, they can jump directly to your independent site or your store by clicking on the URL.

Can I upload videos from other platforms to TikTok?

Make your own videos or trim videos from other platforms?

Many people have had a hard time deciding because creating is a difficult activity. You can actually trim videos from other platforms and upload them to TikTok, as long as you can get the rights. Many people choose to do this because:

  1. They just want to get traffic.
  2. To earn TikTok’s creator’s fund.
  3. To promote their products to earn commissions or advertising fees.

It is far less effort to trim a copyrighted video than to create one. But if you want to go further, express yourself more and make your own business, then it is better to choose to make your own videos.

What should I look for when trimming videos from other platforms?

First of all, you need to choose something that everyone likes to edit.

Once you have selected the video, don’t just post it without any processing. Because TikTok respects originality very much, it will detect the content you post by various means. The inspection includes but is not limited to watermark, the frame rate of the screen, special effects, background music, etc.

How to make quality original videos?

Original videos have far more potential to grow than modifying existing ones, but how should you do it?

Learn the advantages of a video with a lot of views

If the type of video you want to make has already been tried by others, then carefully analyze and learn from the experience of those who have gone before you.

You can start by imitating (not copying) the creative model of a video with a lot of views. For example, the camera and interpretation techniques. After you have a good grasp of the preferences of the users in this field, then innovate.

Add background musicBGM

Do you know how TikTok was born? TikTok came into existence after Byte Jump acquired Musical.ly. The core of Musical.ly is music, and so is TikTok.

For short videos, TikTok’s background music is as important as the content of the video, and even more important because a piece of good music can have a facilitating effect on the video. A piece of suitable background music can make a relatively ordinary video fire all over the network.

Optimize video content

Video copy consists of two main parts, one is the content presented in the video and the other is the description (title, introduction, etc.) used when posting the video.

A good text can make users stay longer. And according to TikTok’s mechanism, the user’s dwell time is an important indicator for TikTok to judge whether your video is meaningful or not.

In addition, using precise keywords in your video’s text allows the video to be pushed more precisely to the people who are interested in your video, thus allowing the video to get more views.

Have your own identity

If you want to grow in the long run, you need to have your own identity. Although this will take a lot of your energy and will make the operation more expensive, once successful it will give you high weight and visibility, and your account will become more profitable in the future!

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