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What needs to do before creating a Facebook ad?

February 07 2022

Nowadays, there are few cross-border e-commerce companies using Facebook ads to drive traffic, so what are the preparations before creating Facebook ads? What are the things that need attention? Facebook ad

Prepare an account

You need to prepare a stable personal account, a business advertising account, and a public page.

What is the role of a personal Facebook account?

A stable personal Facebook account can be used to create a public page and a business management platform.

A public Facebook page can be used to post ads so that you have an identity to showcase your ads.

What is the Business Management Platform used for?think

The Business Management Platform is a tool that can be used to create and manage your Facebook page, account, audience, pixels, etc.

Some people think that with a personal account there is no need to use an advertising account. This is actually not the case. It is easy to get blocked for using a personal account for advertising. If you are advertising for a short period of time, it is fine, but if you are advertising on Facebook for a long period of time, it is advisable to use a business advertising account.

Create a Facebook Business Management Platform

There are two ways to create a Facebook Business Management Platform.

1)Apply through an agency

You can contact an agency and apply via the appropriate link. In this way, the management platform is more stable, but it is important to note that if you encounter problems later, you need to communicate with Facebook by the agent.

2)Create your own business management platform

If this is the case, open the corresponding link to create an account on it.

It should be noted here that because Facebook is getting stricter and stricter, the audit rate of creating your own business management platform is getting lower and lower. If you fail to do so, you should contact an agent.


1)It is recommended that you apply for a corporate account through an agent to avoid any blocking problems.

2)It is recommended to use multiple accounts for the business management platform.

3)Save the data related to the assets.

4)Unify the rules for naming advertisements to avoid the problem of difficulty in finding advertisements.

5)Be sure to separate the advertising hierarchy to avoid internal competition.

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