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How to get more views on TikTok?

March 22 2022

How can I get more views on TikTok? How do I get views for free? Why are your TikTok videos not getting views?

To get more views for free, you need to understand where TikTok traffic comes from, how TikTok controls your views, and then take steps! Therefore, in this article, you will learn about:

  1. the sources of TikTok views
  2. TikTok’s viewership recommendation mechanism (the five most important metrics for a TikTok video)
  3. TikTok accounts in each stage of the growth of the number of views of skillsTikTok

See-through the truth of TikTok views to get more views

The source of TikTok views

TikTok views come from different places, but if your video has 100 views, 90 of them may come from For you. the remaining 10 views may come from your homepage, fan following page, or other traffic channels such as hashtag traffic, search traffic, music traffic, etc.

Of these, if you divide the views by the number of sources, there will be more views from your homepage than from your fan page, and lastly, there will be views from search and other channels.

But no matter how to say, For you brings the most views. We all know that the videos are shown in For you are the videos recommended by the system, which is also the main way for many people to watch TikTok videos because many people just use their free time to open the TikTok home page to watch videos randomly.

So whether your work can get a lot of views or not, all depends on the system’s recommendations.

TikTok recommendation mechanism affects the number of views

When a normal user posts a video in TikTok, the system recommends a base of 100 to 500 views, and then the system will decide whether to limit the views of the video or recommend it to more people to increase its views based on the video’s metrics.the number of views depends on the recommendation

Tiktok measures whether your video deserves more views by five main metrics: the like rate, the comment rate, the retweet rate, the full play rate, and the follow rate.

  • The like rate: How many people have liked your video after watching it? Likes are an important signal to others that the video is worthy of being recommended, and it helps your video stand out quickly. The higher the like rate, the higher the probability of your video becoming hot.
  • The comment rate: If a video has a lot of comments, it proves that it is being followed by a lot of people, so TikTok will be very willing to recommend it to more people to watch. This is very controllable, you can direct people to leave comments and manage the interaction, for example by replying to comments and leading discussions.
  • The retweet rate: Retweets are the act of expanding your reach, and they add up to more views. All you have to do is to turn on all the permissions of this video to promote the dissemination of the work on the basis of protecting your copyright.
  • The full play rate: a video that is watched from the beginning to the end or even looped or a video that is watched for a few seconds and ignored, which one do you think TikTok will recommend? The full play rate of a video is very important, so you want to elicit the user’s urge to watch it in the very first few seconds of the video. You also don’t want to make the video too long, which will bore the viewer. 15 seconds is enough.
  • The follow rate: The number of people who follow you through this video is also a very important indicator of viewership. Although it may be difficult to do, you have to work hard to get attention. For example, you can request attention at the end of a short video, or lead attention at the introduction of the video.

Tips for growing TikTok views at various stages


For a TikTok account in its start-up phase, posting videos is not that important, and I don’t even recommend you to promote your account right away. Many people find themselves in the start-up phase with quality problems with their accounts, and once you are limited in viewership, it will be very difficult for you to regain credibility in the future.

What you need to do is grow your account! Build a good reputation first, then start placing videos.

Less than 1K views

It is very normal to have a few hundred views at the beginning because your account is still very, when the video can be more than 1K views it means that your TikTok account is already relatively good.

When the number of views is less than 1K, your task is to increase the rate of likes. Improve the like rate through titles, polls, etc.Tips for growing tiktok views

1K-5K views

If TikTok videos have been able to stabilize at more than 1k views, but not yet tens of thousands, then this is the time to seize the opportunity period for account development and focus on developing the account.

At this time your focus is on the quality of content, to make the content of the video more interesting. For example, use rhythmic music and make the music rhythm match the video rhythm. Add some interactive content, increase the interaction rate at this stage and ensure the full play rate of the video.

10k-100k views

If your video has reached more than 10k, it means that people are very much approved of the video and your video data is very good.

Then you can focus more on the complete play rate. You don’t have to worry about your video’s viewership falling, because the content of your video is attractive enough. You can fully show your personality to ensure the complete play rate of the video while attracting more fans.

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