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How to identify TikTok shadowban and prevent it?

March 10 2022

According to the data, TikTok’s download volume in the world has long exceeded 3 billion times! TikTok’s influence is so great that it has even started to shake the status of the three social media giants, Facebook, Ins, and Youtube. Such huge traffic brings great opportunities to many people who want to be famous. Also, because the user base is so large, TikTok has even become a platform used by many businesses to promote their brands.TikTok

No matter what you are trying to do, new creators are appearing on the TikTok platform every day. But are you experiencing the following problems?

  • No one watches the videos I make.

  • My videos have almost no comments or messages.

  • I have people liking my videos, but the number of views never breaks new ground.

What’s wrong with this?

It may actually be because you have suffered a shadowban, but it may not be. Because there are really a lot of reasons why your video has no views and likes, it’s important to do the elimination first.

How can I tell if my TikTok account is being shadowbanned?

Is the lack of views the result of the shadowban?

Not all cases of very low viewership are the result of a shadowban. Shadowbanning is a kind of blocking phenomenon, which is the punishment mechanism of the platform, it is lighter than the punishment of blocking, but it is less likely to be found.

Just because the viewership isn’t high enough or the interaction isn’t ideal, doesn’t mean you’re being punished by the platform. The real reason may be that the video was not done well enough. Let’s say you made a longer video, which doesn’t fit your viewers’ viewing habits. Or your video wasn’t interesting enough, so people ignored it.

Moreover, if you choose the wrong direction when promoting this video, not enough knowledge about the video and the vague image positioning can also lead to your video not being promoted to the people who like it. For example, if you recorded a funny short pet video, but promoted it to the travel video section, this is certainly a very wrong approach.

Also, you should know that if your TikTok account has low weight, it won’t get many referrals. So the voice of the account is very important, especially for newly registered TikTok accounts. It is very common for newly registered TikTok accounts to not have a lot of views at first.choose the wrong direction

What is the case that you have really suffered a shadowban?

If your account is not a newly registered TikTok account, and the viewership of previously posted videos is okay, but the viewership of many recent videos has started to decline or there is little to no viewership, you should first observe the likes and interactions of the videos. If there are some likes, it means that the quality of your video is okay, but the amount of interaction and play is less, then it is likely to encounter a shadowban.

Under the influence of shadowbanning, your behavior is blocked. Users may not have the opportunity to see the work you posted.

At this point, in order to restore the credibility of your account, you should first check whether your recent behavior has violated the rules of TikTok. For example, abnormal operations, frequent logins in different locations, multiple accounts operating in the same environment, video content violations, etc. The content of the video (including live) is problematic is the most common cause of being shadowbanned. Some content is not recommended to appear in videos.

  • Political topics
  • Phrases that violate advertising laws
  • Information that is illegal
  • Information that goes against ethics and morals
  • Information that is likely to have a negative impact on society (e.g. topics that tend to provoke racial confrontation)have a negative impact on society

How to prevent being shadowbanned?

To prevent being shadowbanned, you have to start in two directions. One is video content and the other is account management.

Regulating video content

Video content should be regulated in terms of images, audio, and text.

1) Image

When editing, be sure to properly screen the footage, especially for new accounts, we should pay more attention to cutting out the bad images.

2) Audio

Flexible use of special sound effects to shield the sound that should not appear in the video. I think you can often see this blocking effect in entertainment variety shows, for example, if someone says something indecent, those words will be blocked.

3) Text

Because text covers such a wide range, this is where things can go wrong the most. For example, the title filled in when posting, the subtitles of the video, the title of the video, the text we write in the comment section, the words we type in the live stream, and even the text we chat others type, are all within the scope of TikTok’s check.

Therefore, to prevent the text if there is a violation in the text, be vigilant and replace it with something else. If there is no suitable replacement, pixelate it or cover it with another image.

Manage your account well

Never advertise with a newly registered TikTok account! And never just post videos without watching them. This will make TikTok doubt whether you are sincere or not. So try to set aside a little time each day to watch the video, otherwise, it will easily be judged as an account for marketing purposes.

If you have many TikTok accounts, don’t operate them in one running environment either. Because if one of your accounts is punished, then TikTok will easily know that the other accounts also belong to you, and then even those surviving accounts will be shadowbanned. Of course, if you do need to operate multiple TikTok accounts very much and have a great fear of being shadowbanned, then you can try to use a virtual multi-profile browser to simulate many runtime environments and avoid the risk of account association.

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