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Got Banned? How to grow your new TikTok account?

March 08 2022

As the impact of the epidemic has caused great disturbance to many people’s lives, work, and studies, more and more people are shifting the focus of their activities from offline to online. This has turned the already very popular Tiktok into an even more lively and prosperous social and entertainment network, with its presence in almost all corners of the world.TikTok

But often users encounter warnings from TikTok, have their traffic restricted, or have their accounts blocked. Other users want to use TikTok to promote their products, but no matter how they do it, the results are not good. Do you know why? It is likely that you didn’t grow your account! Especially those newly registered accounts will suffer more!

But how to go about developing your new TikTok account? This article will provide you with a detailed plan of action!

Why do you need to spend time developing TikTok accounts?

To increase the stability of your account

For a newly registered TikTok account, your account does not have any trustworthy credentials, so you need to spend time to make the TikTok platform trust that you are a good user who follows the rules.

If you have just registered an account and you follow a lot of people, or add a lot of people to your friends, or change your geographic location frequently, then TikTok will be suspicious of what you are here for. An account that has lost the trust of the platform will not be able to gain views and followers.TikTok will be suspicious of what you are here for

Get a precise promotional boost from the platform

If you are very interested in making a career on TikTok (whether you are doing live streaming, posting short videos, or promoting your own products), it is also very important for you to develop your TikTok account at the very beginning.

Because if you develop your TikTok account with certain characteristics, then TikTok will recognize this and then recommend you a lot of relevant videos and also promote the videos you make to the exact people who are interested in it. This will definitely help you gain attention more quickly.

How to grow a TikTok account?

Perfect your profile

Before posting a video, make sure to improve your profile, avatar, and introduction. Try to come up with a name that is interesting and reflective of the type of video you want to make. This way, TikTok, can analyze your account type more accurately. For users, they are also more likely to follow you when they see your profile.

Be very careful when filling out your profile, try to complete all the information when you fill out the profile in the account registration, it is best not to make changes anymore, do not go through the process of changing your profile too often. If the wrong profile information affects your operation very much and you really want to modify it very much, you can modify different parts at different times, for example, change your name today and profile tomorrow.

Also, bind other social media accounts if you can, such as Instagram, YouTube, etc.complete all the information

Engage in effective interaction

How can I get TikTok to recommend my videos to the intended audience? Then you need to interact with your account with purpose.

For example, if you want to do makeup tutorials, then search for videos of the same type, watch them as completely as possible, then like, comment, or follow them to interact well with the same type of videos.

When you open TikTok again and find that the videos recommended to you by the system are all on similar topics, it means that your account already has the characteristics of liking beauty videos in the eyes of TikTok. At this point, you can try to publish relevant videos.

Run your first video well

The first video must be made with care, it is important. Because if it works well, the system will give your account more weight and you will get more chances to be recommended.

You can make a short video of about 15 seconds. Make a few more, and then pick the best quality version to publish, along with the most appropriate tags.

It is recommended that you can choose the time period when your fans are very active to publish. For example, lunchtime, commuting time, and time before going to bed. The system’s push will be a bit laggy, so you can make adjustments according to the actual situation.choose the time period

Even after you post a video, keep developing this account active and distinctive all the time! For example, interact with your fans. If there are comments in the comment section, try to reply to them. When replying, you can ask them a question in passing to guide the development of the topic, which will add weight to your video.

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