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The best way to manage multiple Facebook accounts

September 18 2021

Why need to manage multiple Facebook accounts?

I believe you must have a Facebook account if you read this article! Whether you’re an employee or a student, you will share your life with some people in your account. These people could be your family, your classmates, your colleagues, or even your boss. Having only one account can cause problems when you want to show different kinds of content to different people, or when you want to keep your life and work separately.

Having a single Facebook account can also be inconvenient for you in business. Now the Internet is increasingly the best means of communicating with customers, and the best channel for product promotion. A single Facebook account brings a lot of uncertainty to commercial activities and product promotion.

Not only that, if you:

  • forget your old Facebook account?
  • want to create a new Facebook account because there are a lot of people you don’t know about the original account, but you’re too embarrassed to delete them?

If so, then you really need to manage multiple Facebook accounts!

facebook account

If you already have multiple Facebook accounts, you will find it very tedious to manage multiple Facebook accounts at the same time. In order for your account to work smoothly and safely, you also need to run many profiles.

You can click here to learn more about the profile, as we have already introduced it in the previous article. Configuring each file is very complicated. If you have multiple Facebook accounts, you need to configure the browser environment, select the proxy, check the account, and remark the account… Doing this many times a day can be boring to the point of madness that feels like you’re turning into a robot.

Don’t worry, this article will help you! In this article, we will bring you the best and most comprehensive method of managing multiple Facebook accounts! This article will introduce how to have multiple Facebook accounts, how to prevent multiple accounts from being associated with each other, how to prevent the closure of accounts, and provide you with the most convenient multiple Facebook account management tool!


How to have multiple Facebook accounts?

Before you can manage multiple Facebook accounts, you need to have them. Let’s take 10 seconds to see how to sign up for multiple Facebook accounts.

1) Create your first Facebook account

Search Facebook in any browser and find the official Facebook website in the search results.

After entering the official website, click Create account and fill in name, contact information (mobile phone or email), password, date of birth and gender in the pop-up registration window. This information is essential for setting up a personal account.

If you agree to all of Facebook’s policies and terms, click Sign up to enter personal authentication. Since you are authenticating your identity through the contact information you previously filled out, be sure to keep your contact information available.

Verifying your identity means you have your own Facebook account!

2) Create and switch multiple Facebook accounts

Having multiple Facebook accounts is easy, as long as you follow the above steps and sign up again. Use a completely different identity, however, or you could cause unnecessary problems with your multiple Facebook accounts.

To quickly switch between multiple Facebook accounts, add all accounts in Add Accounts and click Toggle.


How to manage multiple Facebook accounts?

If you want to manage multiple Facebook accounts, you should pay attention to the security of each account so that each account can run smoothly.

Prevent multiple Facebook accounts correlation

Correlation means that the Facebook platform judges that there is some connection between multiple accounts. Facebook’s rules generally discourage the creation of multiple accounts. The Facebook platform determines that the same person operates is behind this connection, which may bring risks to your Facebook account.

There are actually dozens of factors involved, but the most important are receipt account, IP address, MAC addresses, PIN code address, cookie, and browser fingerprint.

  • Receipt account:

Obviously, even though you used different information to authenticate when you signed up if multiple accounts use the same receiving account, that means they all end up with the same beneficiaries, which means they are most likely controlled by the same person.

Therefore, when managing multiple Facebook accounts, you should try not to bind them to the same bank card.

  • IP address and MAC address:

An IP address is a unified address format provided by the IP protocol that blocks differences in physical addresses by allocating a logical address to each network and host on the Internet. A MAC address is an address used to identify the location of a network device.

If you still don’t know what IP address and MAC address are, and the difference between the two, you can click here to see.

The IP and MAC addresses reveal your computer’s location on the Internet, and when each of your accounts starts from the same PI address, Facebook will no doubt know at a glance that these accounts are a family!

If multiple accounts mix IP and Mac addresses, it is easy to identify the association between these accounts because the IP addresses of these accounts switch frequently and use the same IP and Mac addresses back and forth in the background of the platform. You need to ensure that the IP of each account is different, even if one of the accounts is blocked, it will not implicate other accounts.

When multiple accounts use the same IP, if one account is blocked, in severe cases, all of them are blocked together.

Therefore, rather than using duplicate address information, using proxy servers or VPNs to avoid duplicate IP addresses and binding each account to a fixed device can more effectively manage the security of multiple Facebook accounts.

  • PIN code address:

The PIN code is used to verify your identity. Just like IP addresses and MAC addresses, if the same address is detected, multiple accounts will be affected.

However, although the PIN code-receiving address is one of the factors related to the account number, the residential address is not a piece of one-to-one correspondence information. There are a lot of addresses that are actually companies, rental housing. It often changes frequently. So it is possible to duplicate the PIN code, but it is not recommended that many accounts receive the same PIN code.

  • Cookies and browser fingerprints:

Cookies and browser fingerprints can be used to identify your personality and characteristics. Cookies are stored in a local cache and can be deleted and modified, so as technology has evolved, browser fingerprints have also been used to detect whether multiple accounts are related to each other.

Fingerprint information includes system version, browser version, resolution, IP address, language, setting information, and browser usage behavior tracking information. For example, the skin, font, or page we’ve visited in our browser is recorded on the platform. For more information about browser fingerprints, click here to review.

If you run two or three Facebook accounts, you can run them from one computer through multiple types of browsers to avoid fingerprints. However, it is important to note that downloading multiple types of browsers is a tedious process.

factors lead to account correlation


Prevent multiple Facebook accounts from being blocked

Many users often face the following problem:

“My Facebook account has been suspended.”

“How do I prevent my Facebook account from being suspended?”

“What caused my Facebook account to be suspended?”

Although the interconnection of multiple Facebook accounts may lead to the closure, do you know that in addition to the closure caused by interconnection, some details will also affect your account management, and your account may be closed if you are careless.

  • Beware of false identity:

Facebook is a social platform, where real personal information helps to weight accounts, and if you are blocked, you need to submit your ID card. So it is recommended that you fill in your own information.

Make sure your credit card must have your own photo. Note that too much photoshopping can lead to a ban, and a star’s profile picture is also not recommended.

Replace the device and IP at the same time as changing important information or modifying the code, and you will be blocked. As soon as the account is unblocked, it will be blocked by modifying or supplementing the data and adding friends.

It is recommended that you browse more first, modify the information after three days, and add friends after a week.

  • Batch Operation:

If you have just signed up for a new account, don’t add too many friends, add too many groups, tag too many friends, send the same message to your friends, or log out too often — anything that happens too often in a short period of time can trigger Facebook security.

  • Publish other illegal content:

Posting content will be punished and banned, please pay attention!

1) Racial discrimination (especially black people)

2) Religious discrimination

3) Sexual innuendo

4) False fraud

5) Horror and violence

6) Exaggerated and untrue content, infringement of portrait rights, copyright

7) Complaints about the poor content quality that affects the experience of other users


The best way to manage multiple Facebook accounts!

After reading the above multi-account management method, do you think there are a lot of things to be careful about? We have to admit that managing multiple Facebook accounts takes a lot of patience and time, but if you have a virtual browser like ClonBrowser, it can save you a lot of time!


ClonBrowser is a very excellent virtual browser that uses outstanding virtual browsing configuration technology to help you establish countless independent virtual browsing environments so that you do not need to configure multiple files and help you to solve the trouble of running multiple Facebook accounts.

With the help of the simulated independent virtual browsing environment and integrated agent, you will have thousands of unique computers, and you can manage multiple Facebook accounts with completely unique MAC addresses and IP addresses.

You will no longer need to be disturbed by browser fingerprints anymore, and browser fingerprints can no longer be a hindrance to managing multiple accounts! ClonBrowser provides your computer with a “mask fingerprint” to prevent any attempts to snoop on your identity.

So choosing ClonBrowser makes it safe and convenient for you to manage multiple Facebook accounts! It is your best choice! Start your free trial now!

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