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The most comprehensive solution for protecting IP addresses!

November 26 2021

Do you really know IP addresses? Do you protect your IP address in the right way? If you care about IP addresses and want to put IP address protection into practice, this article is for you! Because it is a very comprehensive article!

In this article, you can see:

  • What is an IP address?
  • Why are IP addresses created?
  • How do I find my IP address?
  • Why do I need to change my IP address?
  • What are the ways to change an IP address?
  • What browsers can change IP addresses?


Everything you need to know about IP addressesip address

What is the IP address?

The entire Internet is a single, abstract network. An IP address assigns a unique identifier worldwide to each interface of every host (or router) on the Internet.

IP addresses are used to number computers on the Internet. What you see on a daily basis is that every NETWORKED PC needs an IP address in order to communicate properly. We can compare “personal computer” to “a telephone”, so “IP address” is equivalent to “telephone number”, and the Internet router, is equivalent to the telecommunications office “programmed switch”.

The first IP address to appear was IPV4, which had only four digits, each of which could not exceed 255. Today’s IP address is a 32-bit binary number, usually divided into four “8-bit binary numbers” (that is, four bytes).

Why are IP addresses created?

IP protocol is a protocol that was born for computer networks to communicate with each other.

In order for all computers connected to the network to be able to connect to the Internet and communicate, a rule needs to be created. The IP protocol prescribes the rules that computers should follow when communicating on the Internet.

Before IP addresses, there were all kinds of networks around the world. They use different hardware addresses. To make these heterogeneous networks communicate with each other, it is necessary to carry out very complicated hardware address transformation, which brings great pressure to users and user hosts. The advent of IP addresses provides logic for disordered networks.

How do I find my IP address?

Now that you know that the IP address represents your host, are you wondering what your own IP address is? You can inquire by yourself completely!

The first method is to query through a browser. All you have to do is open any browser on your computer, type “What is my IP address” into the input box, and click Search. The corresponding number will appear in the search results, which is your IP address.

The second method is to view the IP address directly on your own device. Generally speaking, when your device is connected to the network, the IP address of the network is recorded in your device. All you need to do is click on the network you are currently selecting from the network connection and the IP address details will appear.

The third method is to query through a CMD window. This method can query not only your OWN IP address but also the IP address of a website. To query your IP address, open a command prompt window on your computer, type ipconfig/all, and press Enter. To query the IP address of a website, enter ping+ URL and press Enter.


Why do I need to change the IP address

Breaking the Internet blockade

“This content is not allowed in your country”.

Here’s what you might encounter when browsing in the game store. You may not be able to watch the news and variety shows you want when you travel abroad because of a similar situation.

Why is that?

This is because there is an Internet blackout in your area, or there are restrictions on access to the network you want to access. Some countries and regions restrict the Internet. When you use an IP address that doesn’t belong to the region, it’s natural to be denied access.Breaking the Internet blockade

Perform multiple account activities

Are you a multi-account owner?

You have multiple accounts on Facebook. Are they different? Do you do marketing on Instagram? Or, do you run multiple stores on Amazon?

If so, it’s important for you to change your IP address! Because many platforms don’t allow you to manage many accounts at once!

Take Amazon. Amazon is an online shopping platform used by people all over the world. Because of its huge number of users and commodities, the management of commodities is very strict. One such ban is for one person to operate multiple Amazon accounts.

This is to prevent the occurrence of malicious brushing and the display of a large number of duplicate goods.

To combat multiple accounts, Amazon is constantly checking if you’re managing multiple accounts at the same time. If you have multiple stores with the same IP address, it’s easy for the platform to know that they all belong to you. As a result, several of your stores are closed and your savings in the stores cannot be withdrawn.

It’s important to change your IP address in order to avoid being targeted by the platform.

For the sake of safety

Whether you want to protect your personal security or your corporate activities, you need to change your IP address.

For individuals, the exposure of an IP address means that you are revealing your geographical location. Each IP address you use comes from a pool of local IP addresses, which are geotagged and can be tracked. In the long run, the result is that your behavior path is clearly discerned.

Some people say that I can use a privacy browser to prevent the Internet from tracking me! But does it really work?

For companies, IP addresses are a potential source of trade secrets. Many hackers attack from IP addresses.

So, you’re not going to change your IP address yet?


How can I change and protect my IP address?

Before preventing the outside world from prying your IP address, you should protect your existing IP address first, because the phenomenon of IP theft also does not allow to be ignored, once happened can cause a lot of trouble, you cannot continue to get online, and may even be involved in legal disputes! Want to know why? Click here for details!

Now that you know how to protect your local IP, let’s take a look at how to protect your IP address from exposure!

1) Use a firewallFirewall

Install firewall and antivirus software and keep it up to date.

Security software can not only protect IP addresses from theft but also warn of any phishing and espionage activities on the device. In this way, users can keep track of any suspicious activity.

2) Manually change your IP address

If you already have an available IP address, you can change it yourself in your network connection settings. Still can’t figure out how to set them? Click here to check it out!

3) Use a public network

Using a public network is definitely an easy way! Don’t use the Internet in your own private places, and use it in public places to completely obscure who you are!

4) Restart the router

If you just want to get a different IP address than before, rebooting the router is also a good idea.

Because the average user uses a dynamic IP address, when you go offline, that IP address is used by someone else. When you connect to the network again, the provider will give you a new IP address.

Either way, rebooting your router won’t help you get out of the trap.

5) Use a VPN

VPN uses encryption technology to encapsulate a data communication tunnel on the public network.

To ensure data security, the communication data between the VPN server and the client is encrypted. With data encryption, it can be considered that data is securely transmitted on a dedicated data link, just as a dedicated network is set up. But VPNs actually use public links over the Internet.

Want to know how VPN changes and protects your IP address? Click here!

6) Use proxy

Proxy is a lot like a real-life proxy service provider.

The Proxy is between the client and the server. For the server, the Proxy is the client. The Proxy makes requests and the server responds. To the client, a Proxy is a server that accepts requests from the client and forwards data from the server to the client.

Since the proxy is a middleman, the network can’t directly get your IP address, it gets the information that the proxy provides to it.

Want to learn more about the relationship between proxy and IP? Click here!

7) Use a browser with Change your IP address

Some browsers take user IP address protection seriously, such as using a distributed Network to hide your IP address, or integrating with proxies so you can protect your own IP address.

As a virtual privacy browser, ClonBrowser has always put user security in the first place. ClonBrowser integrates with existing popular agents, whether it is 911 or Luminati, or any other agent (Oxylabs, Socks, etc.), you can use it in ClonBrowser!ClonBrowser

In addition, ClonBrowser also protects your real fingerprint from being captured, while allowing you to configure and share countless configuration files! This is the best way to manage multiple accounts while protecting your privacy!

You don’t have to worry about technical problems with ClonBrowser, which has friendly customer service.

Start your free trial now!

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