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The best way to manage Multiple Amazon Accounts!

October 29 2021

Why do you need Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts?

Business competition is a fierce game, in the huge market, how to take the lead is a headache for every business. It would be very sad if the whole street was owned by one person and your shop was stuck in a corner with no customers. The same goes for opening a store on Amazon — monopolies and hostile competition force you to keep looking for new openings.

If you have several accounts, your ability to resist unknown risks increases. If you encounter an emergency in your account when dealing with customers, you can use other accounts to accept orders and continue trading, which protects the rights and interests of both the customer and the seller. The customer can continue to get the goods he wants, and the seller will not lose his economic source because of account failure.

So how many Amazon seller accounts can I have? How can I have multiple Amazon seller accounts? How to manage multiple Amazon seller accounts? Let this article answer for you!

How many Amazon Seller accounts can you have?amazon

Amazon controls its accounts and stores very tightly because of its emphasis on products and experiences. So Amazon does not encourage or even oppose multiple accounts for one seller.

Amazon does not want sellers to operate in large quantities, as this can hinder product development and service quality improvement. When buyers search for products they want, the products launched by the system are all with the same picture and content, which will greatly reduce consumers’ shopping experience.

At the same time, Amazon invests a lot of resources in account review. Multiple accounts bring competitive advantages to sellers, but also increase unnecessary work for Amazon to review additional accounts.

But while Amazon is boycotting multiple seller accounts, it’s not entirely denying the possibility. Amazon has updated its multi-account policy to allow sellers to open a second account under some special circumstances.

First, sellers need to have a first account in good standing (not suspended or deactivated). This may sound simple, but remember that Amazon scans and compares data every day.

Second, to open an Amazon seller account, a seller must have a legitimate business reason and be able to win Approval from Amazon. To be recognized, you need to send an email to Amazon asking for approval. So what is a reasonable cause? In the email, the seller needs to explain their needs, such as the need to separate inventory. Often legitimate business reasons mean you have a company selling a completely different product line, with no connection to your first seller account and the products it sells.


How to manage Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts?

Create multiple Amazon seller accounts

No matter how many Amazon seller accounts you want to have, let’s start with your first one!

1) Prepare registration materials

To register a shop, you should prepare the following materials at least:

  • Business license

Want to carry out management must register a business license, do not violate regulations operation. Since certificates are required, individuals are not allowed to register shops at will.

As preparation materials, you only need to provide a local color scan on the basis of the original. Please note that the scanned copy presented should be clearly visible and the expiry date of the non-obscured business license should be longer than 60 days (more than 60 days from the expiry date).

  • Corporate identity card

You must show the legal person information on the business license when registering, can not show other people’s certificates. Amazon pays great attention to the authenticity of the information. And the id you show should be within the validity period and provide both sides of the information when you show it.

  • Credit card and debit account

Credit cards are mainly used to deduct money and receive remittances. We recommend that you use a credit card that supports foreign currency deduction (VISA, etc.). Please reconfirm whether the card is available and whether there is any balance in the card before use.

The receiving account should also have the function of foreign currency remittance. However, please be aware that payment service providers do not have the same exchange rate, so you can choose the service with the highest return.

  • Contact information

You need to prepare at least one email address for registration and subsequent communication with Amazon officials. In addition, you need to prepare corporate and company phone numbers that you can contact.

2) Create your Amazon Seller accountamazon in the computer

With the above information ready, we are ready to register your first Amazon account!

Is it difficult to register a store with Amazon? In fact, the operation is very simple, you just need to follow the steps it prompts you to complete the information (name, email address, password, confirm password, etc.) can open the official website to register. (Keep the content consistent and the format uniform when filling in, use capital letters for the first part of the letter)

The specific steps:

  • Fill in your name, email address, and other information to verify and create a new account
  • Fill in the location of the company, business name and verify (consistent information)
  • Fill in the legal person and beneficiary information and select the site to open
  • Fill in the credit card number, expiration date, cardholder’s name, billing address
  • Fill in the name of the store (English is recommended)
  • Conduct tax audit and fill in receivables account

3) Create multiple Amazon seller accounts

Congratulations to you! You’ve got your first Amazon Seller account! If you want to open multiple Amazon seller accounts, just repeat the steps above to sign up!

But be aware of the following points that could be the key to your registration success:

  • Each seller account must have a separate bank account. Multiple seller accounts using the same bank account in the same location is prohibited by Amazon, which may lead to the association of seller accounts, which can cause you losses.
  • Each seller account must have a separate email address.
  • Your performance metrics and account health must be good.

Log out of multiple Amazon seller accounts

As the Amazon platform advocates one merchant account, it is very strict to cancel a seller account. Store cancellation shall meet the following requirements:

  • The account does not have any bad record
  • The account is available (not blocked)
  • Not because the account review has not been selected to cancel
  • There is no record of complaints
  • There are no records associated with other accounts.

If you meet the above requirements, you can go to Contact Seller Support and choose to close your account. Please check the reason carefully before closing, then you will receive an official notification.


How to manage multiple Amazon seller accounts?

When you have more than one Amazon seller account, are you worried about how to be more efficient? Here are some tips for managing multiple Amazon seller accounts.

1) Use multiple computers/browsers

This is a very traditional practice. It is very effective but also very troublesome. There is no doubt that when you have hundreds of computers, each with a single account, it will solve the problem of not being able to manage them all at the same time.

But do you really have so much space and money to buy so many computers? Perhaps this method is only suitable for people with two amazon seller accounts.

2) Use plug-ins

Using a plug-in for account management is another way to try. Many browser stores offer a solution when you search for the keyword “account.” But a plug-in is a program and is not suitable for large-scale and mass use.

3) Use a virtual browser

Virtual browsers may be the answer. The virtual browser uses virtual technology to create thousands of unique computers for Amazon sellers. Not only does it save you money on having many computers at once, but it also provides you with other services.

These services are related to the security of Amazon Seller accounts. Many people with multiple Amazon Seller accounts have no idea why they have been banned or even several stores at a time. It could be that your account has been linked. There are great products in virtual browsers that will take care of that for you.


How to prevent Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts from being banned

Why was Amazon multiple seller accounts banned

Your multiple Amazon seller accounts have been blocked because they are linked to each other. The crackdown came after Amazon discovered that the stores were owned by the same person. So you open a number of seller accounts in addition to the previous said different registration information, but also follow the following practices:

  • Use a different and clean IP address

Different IP addresses deny that the store is owned by the same person, which can take you away from account association. At the same time, it is best to buy an exclusive clean IP address, to prevent the previous use of this IP has illegal operations, which let you implicated.

  • Use different modes of management

When Posting product information, don’t use the same image for every account. Keep your merchandise as diverse as possible and use different shipping addresses.

  • Use a fixed device, allowing no overlapping between accounts

Try to keep each account fixed on an independent device for operation. Cross-login of accounts will also cause association.

Best virtual browser for managing multiple Amazon seller accountsClonBrowser

As an excellent virtual browser, ClonBrowser has helped more than 200,000 stores avoid the problem of account association!

ClonBrowser provides amazon sellers with numerous unique computers and powerful agents that allow you to log in safely to all your accounts without interference. At the same time, the powerful team sharing function also supports multi-person synchronous operation, which is the best choice for your large-scale operation!

In ClonBrowser you can compare prices and so on! ClonBrowser is your best bet to win the Amazon Business game!

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