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eBay account | How to manage multiple eBay accounts?

October 09 2021

Everything you need to know about your multiple eBay accounts

With the continuous development of online shopping, many people who want to own their own business empire choose to start their first step online to earn the first buckets of their lives. Some people go to Amazon, some go to eBay. Adaptation is the best survival. After entering eBay, everyone has to obtain their maximum interests in the fierce competition, and I believe you are no exception. Setting up and managing multiple eBay accounts can increase the profit opportunities, but there are risks.

This article will take you through the eBay account management mechanism and teach you how to manage multiple eBay accounts.

eBay shop

Why can’t you have multiple eBay accounts?

To operate on eBay is to know and follow the rules of eBay. eBay has a lot in common with Amazon. eBay also focuses on product quality and user experience. For example, you must upload the goods to the correct category of goods, the location of the goods must be authentic and relevant, and you cannot upload external links on the eBay platform. If you violate the operation rules of eBay, eBay will warn you and freeze your current account, which will not be restored until the problem is solved. At a minimum, your normal operation will be affected, or at worst, your funds may be paralyzed or even bankrupt.

You may ask: What does this have to do with my multiple eBay accounts? No, you have to know it’s a big deal.

First of all, multiple eBay accounts are a factor in getting banned. Because eBay attaches great importance to the management of user experience and account security, the eBay platform hopes that each seller has only one account. Once the situation of opening more accounts is detected, eBay will not hesitate to freeze your account. This is a very headache for sellers, a bad may be closed shop seal.

Second, multiple eBay accounts are linked to each other. If you think you have so many accounts that you don’t care if one gets blocked, that’s a bit idealistic — the interconnection of multiple eBay accounts can spread the contagion and result in your entire account being blocked.

Can I have multiple eBay accounts?

“eBay will freeze them because I have multiple accounts, so can I have multiple eBay accounts or not?”

It’s a potential crisis. And you can certainly have multiple eBay accounts if you do it right.

Can I have multiple eBay accounts

However, please note that one set of registration information can only be used to register one eBay account, and this set of information can not be used to register multiple accounts. The eBay platform helps to determine whether there is a co-operator operation through the information used for account registration. Therefore, sellers must effectively isolate their accounts and accounts in the operation of multiple accounts, so that the platform can judge these accounts as being operated by different people.

If the eBay platform detects that there are multiple accounts registered for the same set of information, these accounts will be punished. Most of those who have multiple seller accounts use someone else’s profile to sign up for an eBay account.


How to manage multiple eBay accounts

Some sellers will ask why they see other eBay sellers running several accounts at the same time and the platform doesn’t punish them. It’s because they manage their own multiple eBay accounts!

Factors related to multiple eBay accounts

Before we figure out what’s causing the account to be linked, let’s correct one misconception: Multi-account association is eBay’s ban on a single seller having multiple accounts in the same location. (A company cannot have two stations in the UK or two in the US). But eBay is encouraging sellers to set up shop on various sites and sell to more regions. If you have a US station and a UK station at the same time, this is allowed.

So what makes eBay decide that our accounts are connected?

1) Sellers’ registration information, background operation records, operation data, etc.

2) Hardware information. This refers to the information about your computer and related connected devices, such as the monitor model and screen resolution, which are important for eBay to distinguish whether an account is managed by a single person.

3) Software information. This refers to browser brands, plug-ins, and so on.

4) Network information. IP addresses, fingerprints, cookies, etc. Ip addresses directly reveal the geographic connections between accounts, while fingerprints and cookies tell eBay what you’re doing, allowing eBay to infer who’s behind your account based on features.

How to prevent the association of multiple eBay accounts

The freezing caused by account association is irreversible, and once the account is blocked, it is difficult to appeal successfully, so it is important to manage your multiple eBay accounts to prevent association.

1) Use different eBay registration information

To set up an eBay account, sellers are required to provide a lot of information, including address, credit card, name, password, and video authentication to set up shop on eBay.

Prepare a new profile for each account you sign up for. When managing multiple accounts, it may be detected by risk control if the account passwords are set in a similar or regular way to save trouble.

2) Pay attention to the Paypal payment method and logistics distribution information.

A Paypal card can be tied to multiple eBay accounts. However, once an account is banned illegally for various reasons, the platform will review the other bound accounts and then make an account association.

Therefore, sellers should not use one Paypal linked to different eBay accounts. When delivering goods from multiple stores, do not use the same delivery address or fill in the same shipper.

3) Highlight the distinctive features of products.

If multiple eBay accounts list the same or very similar products, and the proportion of products and services similar is not desirable.

So you should never upload the same template to more than one store. Product duplication information between stores should not exceed 30% of all products in the store, and differentiation should be achieved. The title, picture, the product description should be adjusted accordingly, even the picture watermark is also best inconsistent, the price, freight are not the same. This won’t make the platform assume that the same person is selling the product.

4) Use separate computers

Your MAC address and screen tell all the information. Try to use a different computer to log in to another account.

5) Use a separate and clean IP address

When we use broadband, no matter how many computers are connected to that broadband, the IP addresses of those computers are the same. Therefore, do not use the same IP to log in to multiple seller accounts on the same platform, nor can you log in to the mailbox associated with the seller account. An account must use an independent system.

However, as we all know, most of the current IP addresses are rotated. It is difficult for us to guarantee that the IP address used in account A yesterday will not be used in account B next time. Even if you don’t reuse an IP, you can be banned if the last person to use it does something illegal and then you have the misfortune to use that IP address for business.

In this case, you need to:

  • Get multiple broadband connections from different providers. Or oneself pull special line, nevertheless price cost is high.
  • Buy a fixed IP, which you buy to avoid being used by others. Buying old IP addresses that have already been used by other vendors can also pose a huge risk.
  • Use eBay’s multi-account, multi-store anti-association tool. Each account opens an independent browser. The browser environment is isolated from each other and cannot be associated.

6) Clear cookies and browser fingerprints, and do not repeat computer configuration Settings.

Caches, such as cookies, record your Internet and browser history and preferences, collecting a lot of personal information about you. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the traces on the computer before logging in to multiple eBay accounts and try to create the cleanest operating environment for each account.

eBay Account Appeal

1) Read the email carefully to find out exactly why your eBay account was closed. Sometimes when your account gets blocked, it could just be because of a misunderstanding.

2) Carefully check the instructions in the email and follow them to the letter. Sellers need to be professional, transparent, and honest, show eBay cooperation, and build eBay’s trust in you.

3) If eBay does not respond to your complaint email within 48 hours, call directly. Make a list of arguable points and keep professional coolness.

4) If the phone calls don’t work,  you’ll have to hang in there until the account is restored because that’s the best thing to do.


The easiest way to operate and manage multiple eBay accounts!

In fact, except for registration information, ClonBrowser can take care of everything!


ClonBrowser is a great browser that uses virtual configuration technology to create numerous separate and clean browsing environments for those of you who want to run multiple eBay accounts, simulating thousands of unique computers at your disposal. In the myriad browsing environments created by ClonBrowser, you can freely log in and switch between different eBay accounts. Each account’s data is unique and you don’t have to worry about account association day and night

In ClonBrowser, you don’t have to worry about fingerprints revealing your identity, we mask your real information!

ClonBrowser is your best choice for managing multiple eBay accounts and opening multiple stores!

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