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Do 2 things after you just created a TikTok account!

March 07 2022

According to the internet security company Cloudflare’s Internet traffic 2021 review, TikTok overtook Google as the most popular website in 2021. This means that a large number of users are now using TikTok, and on the TikTok platform, you may suddenly become famous and may suddenly make your marketing pay off.

But if you are a member who just joined TikTok, then you need to be more careful and not rush to post videos first. Because in the very beginning stage, you need to develop your account. So what things need to be taken care of?TikTok

Protect the security of new TikTok accounts

Don’t switch accounts too often

Newly registered TikTok accounts are very vulnerable, so you should try to make sure that you only log into one TikTok account on one phone.

If a phone has multiple TikTok accounts and always switches frequently, there is a high risk that these accounts will be judged by the TikTok system as not being used properly, or even defined as being used for marketing. As a result, the traffic will be limited.

If you really need multiple accounts very much, you should also try to reduce the frequency of switching accounts.

So when exactly can you operate multiple TikTok accounts at the same time? First of all, your TikTok account should be operated for a long enough time, for example, more than a month; or this TikTok account has a very large amount of followers.

At this point, you can add other accounts operating at the same time on the same device. But one phone can manage up to three TikTok accounts.Don't switch accounts too often

Don’t change IP addresses too often

Never change your IP address frequently, and even less frequently in a short time. This is because the IP address shows one of your locations.

If you were in Los Angeles 30 minutes ago and now it shows you in Washington, this is obviously an anomaly. Because it is unlikely that you can get from Los Angeles to Washington in half an hour. If your location changes frequently or outrageously, then it is easy for TikTok to think that there is something wrong with your device. Next, you may be limited in traffic, encounter the problem of 0 video views, etc.

So try to make sure that a device should be fixed with one IP address.

Actually, if you are very desperate to keep many TikTok accounts at the same time, ClonBrowser can help you! Because it allows you to create countless profiles, each independent of the other, without interfering with each other. And it runs in a very secure environment. You can use it to manage many accounts at the same time and not worry about being penalized by TikTok.

Keep new TikTok account active

Let TikTok get familiar with your new account

After registering a new account, don’t rush to fill in your profile. First think about the areas you want to participate in, plan what you want to browse and what you want to produce in the future. Try to make things in the same area and don’t clutter the content. If your behavior is very irregular, then it will not be conducive to TikTok to identify your interests and specialties, it will not be able to add tags to your account.

Can’t get TikTok’s recommendation, then the conversion rate of fans of your posted videos may also be reduced.

So, after you decide what field and type of video you want to make, all you have to do is find relevant videos to watch. TikTok’s system is very accurate in recognizing that the more videos you watch in the same category and the longer you watch them, it will push your videos in the same category and tag your account. After tagging, the system will send your video to the area where you want to do it. And generally speaking, the videos posted this way will have a higher weight in that area.

So if you want to do content about pets, watch videos about pets; if you want to make videos about good recommendations, watch videos about recommendations.

How to determine the system has been tagged with what you want? If more than half of the videos on your recommendation page are about the content you want to try to do or your favorite area, then it’s OK.TikTok tags your account

Keep TikTok new accounts active

It is very important to keep your TikTok account active properly, if you always idle this account, then it will slowly lose weight. So you have to spend at least half an hour or an hour a day watching the videos that TikTok recommends to you.

You can divide the time to watch them, you don’t have to watch them all at once. When you see a video you like, you can like it, but try to watch it before you like it. Of course, you do not have to force yourself to do so, because everyone’s taste is different, you will always brush to their own not very favorite videos.

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