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Why was your TikTok account shadowbanned?

March 09 2022

There are some problems that many people encounter in the process of using TikTok, such as why there are no views on TikTok? In fact, this is most likely because you have been shadowbanned. But why is it shadowbanned? How can you fix it?TikTok

Why have you been shadowbanned on TikTok?

What is a TikTok shadowban?

If your account does not comply with the rules, then it will trigger the TikTok penalty mechanism.

If you receive a notification from the TikTok system and are told that you will be restricted because your work is not qualified (judged as a secondary creation, etc.), then your TikTok account will be restricted from pushing by the system, and this is relatively normal behavior to restrict traffic. Generally, for this case of restriction, the system will prompt you exactly where the violation, so that you can adjust.

But there is another mechanism is the system does not prompt you, you do not receive any reminders, but your account is indeed restricted, this is the shadowban. Under the influence of TikTok shadowbans, your visibility and account weight will be reduced, and you will not be able to discover the problem in time.

Reasons for having a TikTok shadowban

Why did your TikTok account suffer a shadowban? There are many reasons that can lead to this result, but there are actually more cases triggered by the following six reasons.

  1. Your account did not develop it after registration, so its weight is relatively low, if your viewing volume is likely because it is the weight of the account, not suffered a shadowban. But if you use a new account to haphazardly post videos, then you will encounter a shadowban.
  2. Often publish spam content, the TikTok platform system checks and judged as the low-quality account will encounter the shadowban.
  3. Video content contains an inappropriate broadcast or other sensitive information.
  4. Sensitive words appear in the title, subtitles, and other text of the video. Even comments that appear in the text of the live broadcast will also be punished.
  5. Make a behavior that does not comply with the rules of the TikTok platform system. For example, abusive language, etc.
  6. Your operation behavior is very suspicious, very much like a robot or a marketer. This situation will be judged as an abnormal account.a behavior that does not comply with the rules

How to solve TikTok shadowban?

Develop your TikTok account

Never post random videos! Don’t do whatever you want with your own account before your account has gained the trust of TikTok! For example, if you post videos about travel today, makeup tutorials tomorrow, and videos about pets the day after, then TikTok will not be able to access your account characteristics and will even doubt the quality of your account.

Never post spam content! You can start by thinking about the image positioning of your account, and learn editing skills and creative ideas. If you want to do better, you can organize your account’s avatar, signature, cover, etc., and try to create a quality TikTok account.

Post friendly content

Most of the reasons for experiencing TikTok shadowbans are related to the message conveyed, so try to choose friendly topics when making videos. So what are some topics that are not recommended?

  1. Political and religious topics

TikTok is a short video platform that puts more emphasis on entertainment. And it has users all over the world, covering many countries, each country is different, so it is recommended that you do not discuss political and religious topics on TikTok, even if the topic is very hot.

  1. Illegal or other uncomfortable information

Although users come from different countries, everyone has similar internal judgment standards when it comes to legal and moral issues. Although some videos are very subtle, they are really easy to cause social disgust.

In addition to these, you can actually search online for TikTok’s rules and the extreme words it resents, which try not to appear in your account and videos, and if they already appear, then you have to pixelate them.search online

Avoid being judged as an abnormal account

You don’t have to do anything deliberately, just operate your account according to your own viewing and posting habits. Of course, this is not in support of you following many people a day, or posting a dozen videos.

Never look for others to brush up on likes and comments. If your account is newly registered, you will experience a shadowban if you let many people search for you.

Do not use your new account for advertising. Many new accounts will leave contact information directly in the signature, or go around the comments section of other people’s videos to sell things, the result of doing so will certainly be restricted traffic. Of course, if you are often reported, then you will also be punished.

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