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No views? It’s time to develop your TikTok account!

March 04 2022

It’s 2022 and you don’t have a TikTok account yet? This platform has users from all over the world with a wide variety of videos. However, some people post videos that are very popular, while others post videos that no one wants to see. Why is this?TikTok

Why are your TikTok videos not getting views?

My video has a similar content format as the popular video, why does that video have tens of thousands or even millions of views, but mine has very few views? Sometimes there are even 0 views? Why is the like rate of the video so low?

If there is no problem with the quality of the video you made, then there are only two reasons why your TikTok video has no views: your TikTok account’s promotion group or weight has a problem!

What are promotion groups and weights?

  • Promotion groups

It’s about getting your videos promoted to the right audience.

Let’s take an example to illustrate. A beauty video that is recommended by TikTok to a female audience will have a very high probability of being liked by the audience, and it will even have a high rate of full plays. But if the video is recommended by TikTok to male viewers, then they are likely to be uninterested or even dislike it, so the like rate and completion rate will be low.

And like and complete play rate is one of the important bases for TikTok to recommend videos. Thus your video will be judged by TikTok as a low-quality video, which brings the result that the video has a low view rate.like and dislike

  • Weight

Weight is whether your TikTok video has authority in a certain field.

Let’s take an example to illustrate. If you do beauty videos, then don’t post other types of videos. As you appear in a certain field and are shared more often, your account weight will slowly increase. Your videos are professional and will naturally have a high play count.

Develop your TikTok account!

Why need to develop the TikTok account?

The ability to be promoted to the right audience and the weight of your account will affect the number of TikTok videos watched, so developing your TikTok account will be able to make a difference.

The system will generally refer your videos to the following people.

  • Your fans
  • People with similar viewing preferences
  • People near your geographic location
  • A few random people

And of these four categories of people, the ones you can control are the ones who have similar viewing preferences to you.

You need to know that developing a TikTok account is all about operating this account. You can operate to tag your account correctly so that TikTok knows what content you mainly do with this account so that the system can accurately recommend videos to those who are interested, and improve the weight of the account.

With a high weight, TikTok will give you a certain amount of views. Higher viewership means more likes and followers. That’s why it’s critical to develop TikTok accounts.recommend videos to those who are interested

When must you maintain your TikTok account?

Developing and maintaining a TikTok account is a complete no-brainer for those who already have their own operating system. But if you are in one of the following situations, please remember to maintain and develop your TikTok account!

  • New TikTok account

If you just have a TikTok account, then do not hesitate, you must spend some time and patience to build the foundation for the account. If there is a problem with the account during operation and it is downgraded or penalized, you can create a new number again. Because the cost of establishing a new account is far lower than the cost of you to save an old number, the results will be better.

  • TikTok account you haven’t used in a long time

Just because you haven’t used it in a long time doesn’t mean it’s an old account. It’s kind of like a zombie account. TikTok has probably reduced the weight of this account, so you still have to start from scratch.

  • Accounts that received an official warning from TikTok

If your account has received an official warning from TikTok because it was reported or performed an illegal operation, then this will most likely lead to a downgrade of the account. For example, if you advertise directly on an account you just created.received an official warning

  • Low-weight accounts

If you have not been warned by TikTok, but the number of views of your premium videos is always below 1000, then it may be because your account weight is a bit low. Please note that we are talking about quality videos here. If you are posting videos that are not of high quality in the first place, that’s a different case.

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