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How to identify fake Facebook accounts?

January 30 2022

When doing Facebook, you will often receive friend requests from strangers, at which point the most important thing you may think about is whether to click through or not?friend requests from strangers

The first thing you need to do is check the user’s information. You can’t be 100% sure if it’s a fake account, but you can at least reduce the risk of passing a fake account by doing so.

So how can you tell if it’s a fake account?

Look at the profile picture

One of the first things to learn when browsing a Facebook page is to check your profile picture.

In general, the profile picture of a fake account is far more attractive than that of a normal user, mainly in order to attract users to initiate a chat.

If you think there is a problem with the profile picture, you can save the image and do a reverse search.

Check the timeline

Timelines like fake accounts tend to have certain characteristics in common.

1)The uploaded content rarely marked friends, and rarely will be marked by friends.

2)Few updates or almost no comments on the feed.

3)Even if there is updated content is some useless link information.

Check birthday informationCheck birthday information

Fake account for the account settings will not be too attentive, set to January 1 is the simplest.

So be on the lookout if you see one.

Check the profile

The profile of some fake accounts does not have any information, so it is possible to leave a contact number. But on the other hand, real accounts don’t easily disclose their contact information to the public.

The owner of the fake account is also very lazy and will fill in the address or workplace information in a very random way, they will pick the famous or popular cities.

Check their friends’ informationCheck their friends' information

The first thing to look at is the number of friends they have, and it’s rare to see a fake account with thousands of friends.

Secondly, to see where his friends are from. The more local friends they have, the more likely it is to be a real account. If the people on the friends’ list are from all over the world, then it’s worth thinking about.

Check out his activities

Those who really want to use Facebook will do frequent status updates.

If you are suspicious of an account, check the recent activity of that account. If he keeps adding friends and never likes or joins groups, then it’s probably a fake account.

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