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The problems with multi-account Facebook advertising

January 14 2022

For Facebook advertising users, there are many users who use multiple accounts. What are the problems with multiple accounts?the problems with multiple accounts

Will a thousand displays between old and new accounts affect each other?

Facebook has certain rating requirements for accounts. The rating of old accounts is based on advertising messages that have run before, and the rating of new and old accounts is also affected by factors such as the home page.

The more accurate the flow, the higher the price?

Of course, it is.

The comments on the posts published by the new account are highly praised, and the clicks and transformations are also very high. The category information of the old account is also used to run advertisements. Why is the thousand times of display very high?the selected target audience is not very accurate

CPM may be improved because the selected target audience is not very accurate. It can be optimized for the audience many times or adjust the material according to the preferences of the audience. Of course, in this period, it is not recommended to use a high budget for advertising, or once the advertising collapse will cause a high loss, so the key is to use a small budget and multiple advertising to reduce CPM.

The advertisements published by different accounts are the same in content, audience, materials, and text. Will there be a competition?

Competition is certainly there, but consider from another point of view, other advertisers will run your chosen audience, with their own competition, better than with other advertisers grab quantity of good, after all, the audience into their own site users is the core point of advertising.

What is the difference between a series budget and a group budget? If you shut down one group, will it affect the other groups in the series budget?

Series budget is to raise the level of advertising budget, and the factors affecting advertising spending will increase accordingly. If one group is turned off in one AD series, there will be no significant impact on the other ads, but the cost of each AD group in the series will be adjusted accordingly. If there is better data advertising group, then the budget proportion will be more.budget

Why is it the same account that has a high number of thousand displays of any product?

This could be a problem with the account. Of course, various factors in the use of advertising will also lead to the occurrence of high thousand displays.

Put the product information into another account, the material, audience, scheduling, and other factors are the same, why the one data is good and another is bad?

Each advertisement will touch different people at the beginning of the launch, so the different moods of each person will affect the performance of the advertisement at the beginning and the direction of advertisement optimization at the later stage.

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